About Lilia

Please note that I've changed my hair color since this author photo was taken. I am now a sophisticated brunette.

Please note that Lilia changed my hair color since this author photo was taken. She is now a sophisticated brunette.

Lilia Menconi is a Phoenix gal through and through. She was born and raised in Phoenix with the famous Camelback Mountain visible from her backyard and school playground. While she enjoyed the occasional day hike with her family during her childhood, she truly fell in love with the city’s dusty trails as an adult.

Lilia is an award-winning writer whose work has appeared in local publications, including Phoenix New Times, Arizona Republic, Generation Health AZ, Phoenix Magazine, and on the blog The Broke-Ass Bride. She loves her day job as a communications coordinator and feels lucky to accept additional work as a freelance writer and blogger. She happily lives and works in Phoenix with her husband (who hiked almost every trail in this book with her) and two adorable cats.

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5 thoughts on “About Lilia

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m excited to hear about your hikes and I really like your writing style. I love Peralta Trail, and spend a lot of time on South Mountain trails, but I realize now, I need to make the effort to get out to some of the places a little further from home. 🙂 Happy Hiking!

      • I used to live in Central Phoenix, and had a hiking partner who lived in Peoria. We hiked the Estrellas, the White Tanks, Peralta, just all over. Now that I live in Ahwatukee, it just too easy to hang out at South Mountain, with all its variety, and its proximity. Heading there in a few minutes, as a matter of fact. 🙂

  2. Hmm…I lived there for over 20 years and went hiking once….twice…White Tank Mountains both times…and drove to the top of South Mountain a few times. I moved to Salt Lake City and have been hiking nearly every weekend for the past three years. I’ll probably end-up back in the desert…back in Phoenix, sometime in the next year or so…and I will have to find a way to hike there….so your blog will be a starting place, maybe your book, too. Girlycamping stopped by my blog, “Scott’s Place.” I returned the visit and found your guest-post about hiking in winter…in Phoenix…so I had to come by for a look-see. I’ll be back…..

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