In Shape

This difficult trail didn’t hurt me. Because I’m in shape.

I did it. I’m in shape.

At least, I think I am.

Last night, we hiked Black Mountain in Cave Creek. I’d never hiked Black Mountain before and I’ll admit I wasn’t looking forward to it. My research showed that the hike was very similar to the Piestewa Peak summit trail which is about 1,200 feet in elevation gain in a mere 1.2-mile climb.

There are times when I love a quick butt-kicking hike. But, last night, I wasn’t in the mood. At all.

To my surprise, however, I buzzed right up the craggy, jagged trail of rock. There was hardly a reprieve from the constant incline and even though I got all sweaty and breathy, the effort didn’t cause that deep, burning, cardio pain I used to get on similar trails.

So, today, I’m using my breezy stroll up Black Mountain as permission to officially declare myself in shape.

I like this feeling.

Especially because I know that the AZ mountains will soon put me back in my place…I know I’m just one difficult hike away from feeling like a flabby couch potato again.

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