Some News

By jared, Flickr Creative Commons.

I saw one of these rascals last night.

I don’t have any news that can fill an entire post so here’s a list of things that have happened in the last few days.

1. The Broke-Ass Bride blog posted one of my pieces! Remember the blog about my mom sewing my wedding dress? Read it again here (and see a really great photo of my mother as a kid).

2. I saw a rattlesnake on the trail last night. It was sitting about 4 feet from the trail. It rattled at some other hikers and they warned us about it. We walked around it. The end.

3. I slipped and fell on the trail last night. Thankfully, this was far away from the rattlesnake. But I scraped my shin and knee. Then I accepted my fate: I’m going to look like a rowdy tomboy for the rest of the summer.

4. I took Bruce (our cat) to the veterinarian. He was so terrified, he latched on to me and cuddled. I couldn’t help it, I relished in his affection.

5. I cried. I watched 12 Monkeys over the weekend and I cried at the end when (spoiler) Bruce Willis dies. Because, of course, I couldn’t stop thinking about how devastated I would be if Lou got shot to death in an airport.

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